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Our goal is to provide you images that you will be proud and excited about for the rest of your life. We are constantly trying to improve on our images from the last wedding and we are seeking to be innovative in our approach so that your wedding does not look like every other wedding and that your images are more beautiful and unique then anything we have done before. When a bride and groom book with us they are not getting someone who is only going to be there for the four hours of the wedding day and leave as the time runs out, but are getting someone who genuinely cares about them and treats them with the respect and love that would come from a friend. We are often told by clients that it feels like they hired a friend or family member to shoot their wedding because they feel so comfortable with us and often we become part of the family. ;)

Why am I a photographer some may ask? If you were to look at your past memories what do you remember? If you are like me, most of your memories will be tied to images that you have looked at over and over again. Your days as a kid and baby will have feeling attached to the specific moment by the photos you still have. Moments that are not captured, seem to be less solid and slowly slip away... but the moments you have captured with a picture remain fresh and solid... evoking the smells, emotions, and feel of these precious moments. No other medium captures the sense of a moment like a photograph.

This is one of the biggest days of your life... you have one time to capture it right and real. Your memories of your wedding day will be tied in with the quality of your photographs. It is not always true that you will spend alot of money on your wedding photography.. we want to provide you with quality pictures at a reasonable price.. They are one of the three or four things that you will take with you that work as a visual reminder of your wedding in the years to come.